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What to do, while waiting for you life Partner
Belive, Babylon 5, and the Slippery Slope
T.V. Psychic Hero
What is Psychometry?
To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the question.


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What to do, while waiting for you life Partner

You listened to your sad songs, cried your river of tears, and primal screamed.  On your way to healing, you have dealt with your issues, done your therapy. Cleared your chakras and balanced your energy.  You are ready. Now what?

Vision Board? Dating Sites? Spiritual section in the local bookstore?

Well, yes and no. Here are the steps that I am using while I live my life solo. Here is a thought!   Perhaps our life partner is not ready for us. They are finishing healing from their last relationship.

Belive, Babylon 5, and the Slippery Slope

Is NBC’s Smash hit Believe, a prequel to Babylon 5?

What dose Bo Adams, cute and gifted 10 year old, have anything to do with J. Michael Straczynski’s space station with aliens in the year 2250. A huge deal!

First off I watch Believe, I am emotionally involved with the characters. I am both delighted and horrified at this story line. Yes, I do have a life. I also love J.J. Abrams work.

So why do I consider this a prequel, two words, “Psi Corps”.

In Believe, Roman Skouras has created a gifted facility funded by the Department of Defense.

T.V. Psychic Hero

I have a confession to make.

I am a Sci-fi and TV geek. Original Star Trekdidchange the world. Brilliant young minds watching Kirk with his communicator, as children. Made cell phones and tablets.

Star Trek Next Generation had exotic Councilor Troy the half human Empath.

Movies and TV. Shows today have mutant genes, telekinetic teens, and floating over the bean dip super natural wonders.

But, I would like to point out a great TV psychic phenomenon. Corp. Walter “Radar” O’Riley.

The Doctors, Nurse and Enlisted personal of the 4077.

What is Psychometry?

What is Psychometry?
Most people know it as jewelry reading or object reading. It is like braille, metaphorically; seeing with your hands. For me, I feel something first, positive, or negative. Then a picture forms. It could be the client’s house or car. I start to describe what I see and feel, after conformation, and then the real work begins.
Unlike tarot, psychometry has no direction or topic; it is up to the reader to ask the correct questions. Kind of like using the internet-- you only get good information when you type in a specific question.

To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the question.

I am having a hard time with a topic, Any Suggestions?
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