"My session with Mary Daisley was full of useful and detailed information. She immediately commanded my attention early in the reading when she casually mentioned my husband’s pet name for me. She was spot-on when she pointed out that my assumption regarding a situation was short-sighted, and that I should consider opening up to other possibilities. My eyes widened when she mentioned a specific project that I was planning to abandon. She named the exact month that I would have resumed working on it, and suggested that it would be in my best interest to complete it.
Mary’s style is down-to –earth and practical. By limiting the time-line of her readings to three seasons – less than a year – she empowers her clients by re-enforcing the importance of their own free will. I enthusiastically recommend Mary Daisley’s services."

 Wren T. Scarborough, ME

"Mary has read for both my mother and I on multiple occasions. Her unique style of reading the cards according to the season always provides accurate guidance for the year ahead. Mary's warm and friendly personality always makes our reading session personal and allows for a deep connection. We highly recommend Mary for an amazingly accurate tarot reading."

Wendi O, Uxbridge, MA

 "I recently had the opportunity to have a Tarot reading done by Mary. To have an opportunity to be read by a Professional Tarot reader I did not want to pass. I have had my cards read before. Mary is certainly in a league of her own. Mary clearly loves her cards and is deeply connected to them.

 They work for her truly as a doorway for divination. I could see Mary connect with something greater as she read fo me. Mary was able to know things not otherwise possible and see future developments. Mary was able to offer guidance around what she saw in a caring and helpful way.

Mary has a great spark, and is truly a gifted Tarot reader. It was a great pleasure to have been read by such a devoted Master Reader."

Loraine A. Ontario Canada


"Even as a firm believer in psychic gifts, I approached my reading with some skepticism and a lot of uncertainty. Mary's kind, gentle and patient demeanor put me immediately at ease, quickly becoming a new friend who knew me like an old friend. As my reading proceeded all my skepticism melted away as she so accurately and thoughtfully read my cards. Only a true seer like Mary could know so much about my nature and what was going on in my life without knowing  anything about me. Her guidance to explore and trust my own intuitive abilities has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.  She is a truly gifted intuitive."  

Susan J, Framingham, MA

>I just wanted to pass on validation that your reading this Sept. was right on the money. The experiences you mentioned are developing into reality and adjusting clearer and clearer. My outlook is much more positive and even though it isn't on my mind much, every once in a while I say or hear something that reminds me of the reading and things become clearer. We can talk more in a few months, if you want details. I'd like to follow up for a reading in April or May. 

Thank you and I wish you the best. I'm glad I found you that day. "
Tim, Providence, RI

'Mary's readings are simply… magical. A natural intuitive, she handles the tarot deck like an old friend, brilliantly and comfortably, and makes every effort to put her client at ease. Her layouts are easy to follow for both an experienced person getting a reading or a novice.
Her readings are spot-on; at the same time, Mary's natural kindness shines through. Her readings are indications of what is to come, and she is always happy to discuss with her client ways to work around even not-good news. Talking with Mary during a reading is like talking with an old friend, one who knows you instantly and can give you the best possible advice. 
Whether you're simply looking for a marvelous entertainer, or need the insight of a genuine and trained intuitive, Mary's Hands-On Tarot is brilliant."
Kate Holly-Clark  Owner Antika Nueva
"I am going through the dissolution of a ten year relationship.  It had left an intense amount of negativity and depression in the house.  I had Mary come and do a Psychic Sweep Cleaning for me in my home.  The RESULTS WERE amazing.  I slept without nightmares for the first time in three years.  I don't dread walking in the door anymore.  The air feels cleaner and the mood is lighter.  My friends have even noticed the difference.  Mary did an exceptional job.  The energy in the house is completely different."
Lisa H. Epping NH
"I first met Mary in 2012, when she read my cards with amazing accuracy. Since then, Mary has read at Psychic Parties for my friends, and inspired me to learn Tarot from her. I found her to be extremely intuitive and knowledgeable with the meanings and subtleties of all of the cards. Her assistance helped to open my mind to my own intuition.  I cannot recommend Mary D enough!" 
Janine Z. Franklin MA
"Mary is the best Tarot reader I have used. She is intuitive, accurate and very in tune with her clients. I was very impressed by her ability to ask the right questions and give clear answers and advice. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is looking for answers and/or insights into what is going on in their lives."
Lisa H. Epping NH
"Mary is a wonderful tarot reader! I have had her read for me several times, and she always has given me great advice and things to watch for. She knows those cards inside and out, and can really connect with the person she is reading for. I highly recommend her as a reader!"
Heather J. Ashland MA
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