Mastermind with MaggieOctober 18, 2016

OMTimes Radio
Are you someone who is programmed to say yes whenever someone needs help?

Angel Talk Tuesday August 2, 2016

"Trust that voice you hear within, from spirit. Faith will help you to know, and discern your spiritual connection. Trust yourself a little bit more everyday.." ~Mary Daisley The Psychic Navigator

6th Sense and Beyond; March 2015

Back as a guest talking about
What's Spiritual House Cleansing?
With Christina Andrianopoulos  and Chris Flisher

6th Sense and Beyond; December 2014

Guest Co-Hosting withChristina Andrianopoulos
interviewing Meghan Gilroy, aka Shaman Girl  

6th Sense and Beyond; August 27 2013
 My T.V. Début will be Tuesday August 27 at 9:30 pm on Charter 3 TV. 6 Sense and Beyond is a wonderful show and Christina Andrianopoulos and Katherine Glass are a co-host match made in heaven!

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