~Katherine Glass Psychic and Medium~

My reading with Mary Daisley was wonderful. She is clear, detailed and grounded in her approach to tarot reading. She is a strong psychic so her interpretation of what the cards are saying is very full in terms of what has been, is present and is coming up for you, the recipient. I chose to ask specific questions in my reading, although I really didn't need to ask them, as Mary was hitting each one as the reading progressed. I feel calmer, and more focused on the upcoming year as I look forward to the events unfolding as Mary was seeing them! Even as a professional psychic myself, I do receive guidance from other quality psychics when I am in need of support on my journey. I highly recommend Mary for guidance and clarity for next steps, and clarity of insight into past and present events.

Christina Andrianopoulos
Producer -Talk Show Host

"I have had the great pleasure of having Mary on my TV show 6th Sense & Beyond several times, and once as a fill in co host.  She is very talented and gifted and has shared profound insights through her Tarot Card readings. Mary has been included as one of our first season Inner Circle Psychics."

Meghan Gilroy, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, and Amazing Woman!

"Mary and I were casually chatting before I watched her give a reading and I saw a marked shift in her energy as she began tapping into her cards and the woman in front of her. She opened up, became more grounded and connected and was able to deliver accurate, useful information that really helped and resonated with the person she was reading.

On a personal note I don’t usually connect with card readings – when I pull cards, I usually have an “unh” response since the card doesn’t seem very relevant to my life. So I was delightfully surprised when Mary gave me a reading that was very insightful into what was happening in my life with some helpful ‘predictions’ for the future. I’m glad I didn’t let my past experiences get in the way of a positive, helpful experience with Mary!"

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