Mary Daisley’s Psychic Fitting Room

Do you:
·         know when someone is lying to you?
·         want to kick yourself for not doing that “thing” that           you felt so strongly about?
·         often have feelings of Déjà Vu?
·         drink in other's anxiety or pain?
·         tend to go with your gut, and are correct?
·         know you have psychic abilities, but just don’t know             where to start?
Join Mary to explore your “Psychic Potential” in a safe, fun environment, like a pair of blue jeans, you will try on telepathy and psychometry (jewelry reading), energy work and dowsing. Discover which psychic tools is your perfect fit!
Learn to quiet your mind and ask the age-old question, “Do these L-Rods make my butt look big?”

Fortify Your Personal Energy
Do you feel other people's aches, pains and bad moods? Do you feel exhausted after being around large groups? Well, as they say in Star Trek, "Shields UP!"
Fortifying your Personal Energy is a two-hour experiential class that explores grounding, centering, aura play, and guided meditations to create a crystal fortress. This class is ideal for the slightly sensitive to the psychically gifted, with helpful information for all.

The Art of Flirtation
What are Feminine Whyles and how to use them.

This is a class on the art of flirting, and the power of female attraction.  We will discuses how to recharge one's Mojo, and feel empowered. Whether you are looking to reignite the passion in your current long term relationship or amping up your confidence, reentering the dating scene.
This unique class is taught by The New England Rose Wench, a member of the International Wenches Guild. , who has worked New England Renaissance Faires for over 15 years.
This class is for women only; this class has an age restrictions  of 18 plus.
From Good Girl, to Great Woman
Breaking the Good Girl Cycle at any age.
Good Girls are all ages; it is time to stop the need to please others at your own expense. Do you feel that if you use the word 'no', people will stop liking you? 
Are you worn out with your life, with no time for yourself?
This class may be for you. This class is about giving you permission to take CARE of yourself. The better and stronger you are the better you can TAKE care of the ones you love.
Tarot 101 Basic Tarot 
6 Classes dedicate to 1 class per suite, Major Arcana, and Spreads.

Tarot 102 (reading between the cards) 
Intermediate class that focus' on how one card can be so different depending on the person you are reading. This is about not just knowing what a card means, but what it feels like for that person you are reading. 
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